about step

STEP is an educational consultancy that starts from the believe that added value will be established through collaboration of schools and staff of the educational, global workforce, sharing the best they have.

From its origin STEP’s expertise contains educational content and management, the setting up of learning environments and the organization of study visits, conferences and exchanges on various educational issues. STEP has strong ties with a variety of European educational organizations. From 1981 till 2003 Peter Eisenburger, owner of STEP , was part of a school management team at a secondary school in Nijmegen, NL. From then till 2011 he happened to be the Dutch agent of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and thus involved in various educational exchange projects

STEP considers the new Dutch Educational approach in combination with the new developed Dutch schools and learning environments a very attractive starting point to establishing international dialogues to improve the quality of education and the well being of both teachers and pupils.

The recently founded LEX consortium – STEP’s initiative – is an example of a way of initializing such a dialogue. Since 2012 both STEP and LEX are also involved in establishing study visits for Middle East engineers in the field of design, operation management and maintenance of school buildings and multifunctional buildings. STEP considers this new development to be a very useful as it prepares a kind of M.E. platform for LEX ideas and LEX expertise

Both STEP and LEX are convinced to be able to play a relevant role in the building up of a strong Middle East educational infrastructure.

STEP is about

  • both stimulating and initializing International collaboration in the educational field as well as in the field of school design ,
  • developing learning environments in various educational contexts
  • designing and executing training prograsmmes on how to establishing a good adaptation between educational content
  • Together with its LEX partners STEP also can provide tailor made engineering trainings in the schoolbuilding and schooldesign area with a strong emphasis on sustainability and flexibility.